Locations for final video – Point 24

This is all main locations which I will include in my final video clip, I will be filming during a winter that means I expected to have snow in my clip what will make if so much better. 

I chose this first four locations because these places are most likely to have space for filming my clip, also I chose this particular cafe because it has big windows what gives me an opportunity to film actors from outside and make a great long shot of them. Photo on top right is a park, I hope it will look same as in this picture, because its looks beautiful and i chose it because it is a good place to take couple shots of actors because they will be lovers, overall it will looks very good. 

These areas I think is the most important areas in my clip because most of the shots will be taken in these areas,the bottom left is one of the best areas in Kiev many films have been shot there because of beautiful infrastructure and views around it. Top right is the most popular park in Kiev, its actually my favourite park in Kiev, I use to spend days in there. I will try to make my video as professional as possible and I hope you will enjoy.    


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