Similar videos Point – 11

My final video will be MKTO – Classic.

The similar videos to mine is pop music videos, because it is the same genre. Video starts from the long shot and than comes to close ups, and medium shots.

The editing is quick in the Sheyman’s clip, when the car is moving and women are walking in front of the camera, than is slow editing same as in MKTOs clip what makes them similar and at the same time different because of different style of editing because some might use dissolve and the others transitions.In one clip they used transaction on the other have been used cut, from one shot to another.Moreover, very important part is to get lip-sing done because otherwise the music video will be not good for production line.

The mise-en-scene is almost the same because many people dancing what ix usual for pop video clips, also natural background no animation on this area, and this makes slip look good. Also, a lot of movement makes audience move as well, and makes them happy.

Sound in these clips is pretty much the same, no background noise or diegetic sound.Most of the clips made with non-diegetic sound what makes it so much better rather than sing in the real video.


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